Headlines | October 10, 2016 Prosumer Report:
The Future Of Food


Prosumer Report: The Future Of Food

Our latest Prosumer Report explores how various food movements are evolving, what trends are gaining ground, and how food brands can regain the trust of customers.

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Prosumer Report: My Body, Myself, Our Problem

This Prosumer Report takes a look at the radically changed relationship between humans and their health, thanks to longer lifespans, increased knowledge, and new tools and technologies.

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Fact Sheet: Retail Health Clinics

There’s a new boom in retail health clinics. Business had flatlined in 2008 and 2009, but with more people able to afford healthcare post-ACA and doctors too busy to see these patients, retail clinic business is booming again. And their services are evolving too—from quick visits for Band-Aids for boo-boos and flu shots to helping patients manage chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes on an ongoing basis.


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In the News: The WSJ and Tonic Talk Pharma Ads

In this article, titled A Prescription for a Pharmaceutical Ad, Ralph Gardner Jr. from the WSJ speaks with Havas Tonic’s Paul Klein, Phil Silvestri and Katie Rogin about the creative forces behind pharma ads.

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Fact Sheet: When Millennials Have a Cold

In this study, Havas Tonic asked over 4,000 millennials how they take care of themselves when they’re sick (i.e., allergies, cold, flu), and whom they trust for health information. It turns out they’re skipping the conventional route and sticking with what they know.

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Prosumer Report – iBODY: The New Frontier

In this latest global study, Havas Worldwide explores shifts in attitudes and behaviors related to the care and feeding of our bodies. The study draws from the experiences and points of view of more than 10,000 men and women in 28 markets around the globe.

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Prosumer Report – Hashtagnation

Millennials aren’t kids walking around with their noses in their smartphones. Some are in their early 30s now, dealing with family, health, wellness, and illness. They are good citizens, digital natives, and active members of their networks. A deep understanding of millennials is key to developing health communications that connect these 70+ million health consumers to brands.

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Health Prosumers: Setting a High Bar for the Future

Prosumers are a small segment of the general consumer population: 15%-25% of men and women who make or break markets – in every category and geography. They are leading-edge consumers who help us understand what’s next and predict what consumers will think, feel, say, or buy in the next 6-18 months. By understanding the Health Prosumer today, we can anticipate the future of health.

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Fact Sheet: Unhealthy Gaps in the Health Information Age

From medical information and personal fitness data to wellness routines and healthful recipes – technology connects us to what we need to know, but we are not yet successful in turning that data into actions that actually make us healthier.


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Smartphone Innovation Is About Seniors and mHealth

Katie Rogin reviews new health technology and what it means for seniors and mHealth.

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