Our Mission

We create meaningful connections between people and brands that use creativity, media and innovation to inspire healthier decisions for healthier lives.


Phil Silvestri Managing Partner, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Tonic
Phil Silvestri Managing Partner, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Tonic

Brands in virtually every consumer category have benefited from the creative vision of Phil Silvestri. Dr. Scholl’s “Are You Gellin’?,” Lean Cuisine “It’s not just Lean, it’s Cuisine,” Subway “Eat Fresh,” Stouffer’s “Nothing comes closer to home,” and Claritin “Live Claritin Clear” are just a few of the memorable campaigns he’s created over the years.

Phil’s won almost every creative advertising award in the business, but his proudest achievement is founding Havas Tonic.

When once asked, “What’s the most important thing you do for your clients?”, Phil’s answer was classic: “ Listen.”

Kurt Nossan Executive Creative Director, Havas Tonic
Kurt Nossan Executive Creative Director, Havas Tonic

A copywriter at heart, Kurt first discovered the power of words listening to Bruce Springsteen. “It was ‘Thunder Road,’ in particular, that knocked me out,” explains Kurt. “I heard those lyrics and could really see the landscapes Springsteen was painting…I knew, from that moment on, that it would be words, in some shape or form, that would have to take me places.”

As Creative Director co-managing the digital and integrated group within Havas Tonic, Kurt touches many brands, but it’s his work on GSK’s HIV efforts to which he feels most personally connected. These have been multichannel campaigns aimed at helping individuals face their own fears about accepting their HIV status, and surmounting the emotional hurdles of starting treatment.

Maureen Russell CRM Director, Havas Tonic
Maureen Russell CRM Director, Havas Tonic

One conversation with Maureen, and you get a sense of her passion for understanding what motivates consumers to change behavior.

At Havas Tonic, Maureen leads the integration of CRM and digital with print, TV, and other channels to solve challenges for health and wellness brands. Her team creates, develops, and launches experiences that connect people with brands – whether they are addressing the challenges of life-threatening chronic conditions or those less serious. Her experience in branded and unbranded initiatives spans a range of health categories from respiratory, diabetes, HIV, and MS to mental health, migraines, and allergies.

When not working, she’s most likely researching the ways technology is changing behavior, while binge-watching something on Netflix.

John Rea Executive Creative Director, Havas Tonic
John Rea Executive Creative Director, Havas Tonic

John credits his success in advertising to his background as a designer, first at Rolling Stone Magazine, then at The Image Factory. Over the years, his passion for design and love for big brand ideas have propelled him to work on some of the largest global brands in advertising: Coca-Cola, Intel, ExxonMobil, Volvo and Claritin.

With his results oriented management style and talent for multiple channel thinking, he helped create the new digital and integration division at Havas Tonic.

John is not only a believer in creative integration, he teaches a course about it at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. And in his spare time, he’s currently contributing his marketing experience to help bring awareness to the Debra Foundation, a charitable organization for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) — The Worst Disease You’ve Never Heard Of.™


We provide our clients with a full range of integrated tools and services across multidimensional platforms. Our extensive in-house capabilities and best-in-class partners allow us to create custom, purpose-built solutions that help drive our clients’ businesses.

Football field. Symbolizing strategy Brand Strategy

The crucial insights that lay a foundation for all creative thinking.


Big, integrated ideas across all communications platforms – from mobile, to in-office, outdoor, and everything inbetween.

Engagement Planning & Activation

Shaping more meaningful brand experiences at launch and beyond.

Over-the-shoulder image of a video editor in our content studio Content Studio

Studio 6 is our in-house, best-in-class content delivery system, incorporating live-action editorial, audio, design, animation, and digital production.


Lasting relationships – built one loyal customer at a time.

gears and a brain stylistically together Data & Analytics

Data transformed into actionable insights.

Social Marketing

Ideas that speak the language and spark the conversations of the world.

Sticky notes from an experience design working session Experience Design

Smart, intuitive, and engaging user experiences that bring the brand promise to life online.

Web interface of a brand design color palette Brand Design

Brand identities that are built to last.


Complete event expertise, from promotion, to experience, conversion, and follow-up.

Hand interacting with mobile device Mobile Marketing

Mobile solutions that seamlessly engage consumers with branded experiences.

Product Development

Our in-house Innovation Lab creates proprietary apps and digital experiences that translate into real-world outcomes.

Client Engagement

The creative is compelling – and the account people know your business.

Thought Leadership

Distilling marketing, technology, and health & wellness trends into engaging and actionable content.

Global Delivery

Creative executions and brand experiences that connect with the world, country by country.


Want to build a great brand? Start with great tools. In the hands of smart collaborators, our proprietary tools can generate meaningful brand experiences.

Creative Business Idea
The CBI is the foundation of our success in building great businesses. It generates differentiating ideas by bringing together strategic planners and clients in the most imaginative development process.
Prosumers are leading-edge consumers making and breaking markets today. To understand a category, you have to follow these influencers very closely. Our Prosumer database of 55,000 people around the world allows us to predict future attitudes and trends.
This tool enables the crucial analysis of communication conventions. The in-depth study of visual and verbal codes allows us to identify emerging trends and fresh ways of looking at each category.
Brand Momentum
We track each brand’s position in the marketplace by measuring its traction against that of its competitor's. As in political polling, we can accurately measure brand consideration, or how consumers are likely to vote.